Help for kinkyreggae-meep:

"do you have an ask page? I was just looking for an opinion or two regarding my anxiety. I have had OCD for 6 years (noticed tendencies since childhood)and I have been through a lot in the past year and a half- a suicide attempt and a while in the hospital.

because of this event, I used up my maximum for insurance and now therapy, doctors appointments, or anything having to do with mental health is no longer covered. It costs my family and I upwards of 200 dollars per visit; I visit my therapist bi-weekly, psychiatrist monthly. 

Right now, I have been having difficulty transitioning from school to home and I am trying really hard to get rid of my anxiety for the fall semester. I think right now I would consider my OCD just Pure-O, I obsess every minute of every day but there is nothing I feel I can do to fix it. It is paralyzing, and revolves around my phobia of vomit (so in my head I see, hear and think about people vomiting ALL DAY) 

I am not sure how to go about tackling the problem with anxiety, but I realllly need to lessen it by August- I live in NYC and it’s a lot more anxiety-provoking than home. If I don’t have insurance, what should I do about going to therapy? 

is there anything I can do at home to lessen my anxiety and panic attacks when I start thinking about vomit? I have tried so much and it is difficult to come down from. 

how would you handle this situation?”


I closed the ask box intentionally; I put up a post as to why but it’s basically because of exams and not having the time to manage asks at the rate they’ve been coming in, so I put everything on hold. It’s gonna be like that for a while but then I’ve got the 6 weeks off, during which time I can hopefully get a lot done on here so that people enjoy their breaks!

First thing is it’s natural for OCD/Pure-O to flare up in circumstances like yours - a move is a big thing! Don’t beat yourself if you’re struggling because that’s the worst thing you can do; you want to be confident and motivated if you’re going to tackle something like this.

Read my How To page on intrusive thoughts, and put into place what it suggests. Basically the reason the imagery is so repetitive in your mind is because you react to it all the time and focus on it, thus meaning your brain flags it as important so plays it on repeat and naturally as it’s a fear that means you’re constantly responding with anxiety so the cycle continues.

If you cut off the reaction, the thought will remain for a while but not long term. Basically the more you distract yourself and the more you get on with your daily routines without analyzing the thoughts, the less they’ll crop up. That in turn means they’re easier to shrug off which in turn means they appear even less until eventually they don’t pop up at all. Make sense?

It’s a lot tougher at the start but that means once you’ve taken your first step the rest will be gradually easier! Stay strong and get back to me if you’re having further problems.

- Nathan