Anonymous asked: I have ocd intrusive thoughts. I can't stop thinking that people are out to get me. I also can't stop thinking about my past. I know i'm a good person but I've made really bad mistakes and the guilt makes me feel terrible about myself. It's taking over my life. I just want to feel again.

First of all, no confessing to past mistakes! Confessing in this instance serves no good as it is a compulsion. The past is the past and cannot be changed, and it’s important to both recognise and accept that in order to have a fulfilling life in the present.

Beating yourself up is paralysing; you’re losing happy days in the present because you’re living in a world that cannot be changed. You know you’re a good person, which is a brilliant. Focus on that. Write down what traits you like about yourself and I’m sure it’ll help you feel better.

As for what will help you let go of the past, I suggest reading about mindfulness. It’s a brilliant way to start thinking in the present. :)

As for people being out to get you, I understand your concern, especially if people have let you down in the past. However social interaction is a part of life and to function we have to give people our trust until they prove themselves unworthy, otherwise again we paralyse ourselves and can potentially miss key opportunities in life.

Stay strong and keep me updated.


Anonymous asked: I've been betrayed recently. I feel really bad, I can hardly think straight. I feel like there's a pain in my chest, somewhere very deep inside, or like I'm drowning in the ocean, so dark and deep. It took me some time to get that it wasn't my fault and it hurts even more now. My Ocd spikes over and over, I try not to rethink every detail like - why? why people do things they do? :( but it hurts so much, like an actual pain

I’m a firm believer that emotional pain is equal to if not greater than physical pain. The worst part is if we handle things incorrectly with emotional pain and let it get to us then it takes an even greater hold and only gets worse. The flip side to that is if we handle our emotions correctly, we can control the pain and make it go away.

Betrayal is going to hurt anybody (and it’s something that I think most of us have experienced) but naturally rumination only makes things worse. I’ve learned through experience though that if you maintain the belief that good people are out there, you’ll eventually find them. I’ve been backstabbed by some of my closest ‘friends’ and hurt by people that I never expected to hurt me, but it helped me to heal to remind myself that not everybody was that way inclined.

I’ve now got a beautiful girlfriend and a wonderful friendship group, and I appreciate them all the more for what I’ve gone through. The exact same will happen to you. Just please don’t make the mistake of generalising everybody as bad, because in doing so you’ll let good people pass you by.


my-fitness-diary21 asked: Life is defiantly too short. Because of her i haven't been to one since. I dont know how i can not lose faith in people i mean whenever i have trusted its been shit and i have trusted a person with this weird counting thing i do with the numbers 3 like everything has to be done in threes and they have thrown it back in my face, i got thrown against a wall for it. Its horrible and i want it gone. And i dont know why but i actually do trust you. You're not a douchbag. Nicole :)

There was an ask just posted for you! :)

Thanks for the compliments, but there’s sadly not much else I can say other than what I have already. A lot of overcoming what you’re going through is in your hands even though it’s not your fault you’re suffering so much.

Stay strong and keep me updated.

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: I have harm OCD. I feel like no matter how well I feel one day and the fact that I'm not getting these intrusive thoughts as much anymore and I've improved a lot, there is always this fear in the back of my mind that one day years from now when I'm married with kids I'll just go all crazy and kill them all :( It's like my mind won't let me be happy or believe that I'll be okay one day...

It’s because you’re still not trusting yourself fully. Once you’ve reached a stage where you truly see these intrusives for what they are, that fear will die down. OCD is great about making us worry for the future, but it’s just as irrational a worry as any other OCD thought.