A small introduction:

Hey guys, just intoducing myself personally so you all know I’m easily apporachable. I’m Liam and what I’ll mainly be focusing on is how to cope with intrusives and depression; something that is a very common outcome in OCD and anxiety sufferers. However I am also capable of helping those who suffer with OCD in terms of alternative ways of dealing with it. Nathan has done an amazing job with this blog and from what I’ve seen is outstanding in this field. The least I can do is give him a helping hand, and of course, help everyone that’s supporting him or looking for help! :D

- Liam


mentally-ill-strong-will-deacti asked: Hello! I have followed your blog closely on my own however you are one of the only OCD support tumblr's I know of. I have a girl who has been asking me for more tumblr's to support her with her struggle with the disorder. If you know any more tumblr's for OCD, or people struggling with it, or other support resources that i could pass onto her that would great! I will also send her your URL.

I don’t follow many myself (though I follow you, and could do with following more supportive blogs) but http://ocd-things.tumblr.com/ is a fantastic one that focuses on support and optimism. It’d be really good if you could get her to check out the resources page here too; they’re not Tumblr’s but rather really helpful sites, some of which have aided me in my recovery.

Tell the girl to keep optimistic and to remember that it’s ok to have bad days; she can leave an ask here either openly, anonymously, or privately and I’ll get back to her as soon as I can. Thanks in advance!

Goes without saying but I also reblogged because that’s the cutest smiley face ever hahaha.

Goes without saying but I also reblogged because that’s the cutest smiley face ever hahaha.

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OCD-UK is a fantastic charity that has a wide variety of support options for helping those combat those with OCD. They’re in danger of shutting down due to a lack of funding, so any support, re-blogging, and donations to them would be fantastic as it’s a site and charity that has helped so many people and is in danger of closing.

They’ve done a lot for OCD Awareness Week (10th-16th October)!

They have amazing support forums: http://www.ocduk.org/support-forums

And in clicking this link you can find out all about how you can help: http://www.ocduk.org/fundraise

No matter how small the contribution anything is something and with all they’ve done for sufferers, the least we can do is spread the word and give back in anyway we can.

Be you a sufferer, or just somebody that cares, please help raise awareness and do whatever you can to save this fantastic charity.

- Nathan 

My history with Pure-O HOCD, POCD, confession OCD, ROCD and false memories.

I’m gonna add a read more page break with this, but please, please read. Hopefully they’ll be at least one part you can relate to, so you know you’re not alone and that we can relate to you.

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To all followers thus far:

Thank you so much. We’re still at low numbers, heck, we haven’t even hit 20 yet, but I appreciate every single one of you that’s took the time to read and follow. A couple of people have re blogged the OCD Awareness Week Update - that alone puts us closer to our goal.

Three things that would really help:

1) If you have suggestions for what information you want on here, leave an ask. I’m more than happy to find said information and post it with tags so it can be spread around.

2) Please promote the blog if you have time. The more people that see it, the more that we can unite and help take on the dreaded doubting disorder.

3) If you have any ideas regarding what could be set-up for OCD Awareness Week, please again, leave an ask and say. Unoriginal saying I know - but every little helps!

OCPD as describled by Steven Phillipson:

Just typed OCD into the search bar;

There are SO many sufferers with this disorder. It’s led people to self-harm, to question everything about themselves, to lose social skills, to lose their own identity even.

We’ve set this up to help. This has been set up by me, someone with fairly severe Pure-O (to the extent it’s caused hell for me for 3 years) and the message is being spread by fellow sufferers and even those without it that want to get the message out there.

I can’t stress enough how much promoting will help though. We need to get this message out there, we need to lift the taboos.

I know it’s hard - especially when people feel isolated - but people DO understand.