Anonymous asked: I'm really worried that I'm not OCD and that I might be Schizophrenic. These thoughts can't be OCD... can they? I've always felt like I probably have Schizophrenia or that I'm going to get it. I'm scared.

There’s a ‘theme’ that’s been given the nickname ‘Schiz-O’ because it’s a Pure-O theme centred around the fear of having schizophrenia. Intrusives can appear in a way similar to that of schizophrenia, but there’s usually more rationality in Pure-O suffers.

I wish I could help more but I don’t know enough to know where to draw a fine distinction and I’m not in a position where I can diagnose either way. If you’ve had OCD diagnosed though then it’s most likely just a variation of it over schizophrenia. is a brill forum for support on OCD/Pure-O. You’ll be able to get a more informed answer on there from somebody that’s suffered what you’re going through as I myself haven’t. 

Stay strong and keep me updated.

QOTD response:

So the question of the day yesterday was about any progress that has been made, and even though I’m a day late I thought I’d submit this. Today I’m working on a schizophrenia children’s story with my friend via online for a psych project and I’m proud to say as I’m reading through stories on schizophrenia I am not panicking at all. Usually I would have started questioning whether I myself am going crazy, but for the moment being I’m not worried and even though other fears may spike this is a step to recovery. This blog and your dedication have been an enormous step to helping me recover and live a healthier life. At my darkest hours when I needed someone to talk to I could simply go on anon and ask knowing this was where support would be found. Really everyone here is amazing, and we have to keep moving along even when it seems impossible. This is a beautiful community, and I know we’ll all go far in life. 


Brilliant response. I hope others follow in your footsteps as not only is this brilliant optimism and ERP but a great example of a submission. Thank you CS, and you’re welcome for all the support on here. I’m really glad I’ve been of use to you! x

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: I really want to look up the first signs of schizophrenia because I feel it will alleviate my anxiety towards it but at the same time it could heighten it,and wouldn't this be a reassurance thing anyway? I freak myself out to the point that everything feels real..I mean I never freaked out about the idea of distortion perspective until I found out about it, and then its like all of a sudden you feel you have it and your seeing shit distorted when anxiety kicks in. The only thing keeping me


Anonymous asked: (2) from feeling sane is the fact that I forget about my fears and dont psych myself out when im distracted enough..but then I read online about how most schizophrenics when first having symptoms just push it aside, and that makes me feel like if I push my worries aside than I might be developing it... :|

The internet is not trustworthy for self-diagnosis because a lot of the time what’s written is far too general and misinterpreted. Throw OCD in the picture with a hyperanalytical mind and it’s going to trigger having x problem left right and center.

Looking up the first signs of schizophrenia will provide temporary relief at best and if anything spike you (which is good if you don’t react to it but not if you’re not ready). If your fear of schizophrenia has been triggered by something you’ve read or that’s spiked you and before that it never even crossed your mind then it won’t be anything more than Schiz-O. That and schizophrenics can’t tell the difference between reality and their delusions where as you have clear cut awareness that’s only doubted by what you’re going through with OCD/Pure-O.

Stay strong and if I can help further just say.


Anonymous asked: Can you please help with methods on how to relieve the fear of being schizophrenic..I really just feel crazy, eventhough I dont hear voices or see things but my anxiety gets to me, making it hard

The fact you rationalise what you’re going through and have an idea that it’s all crazy is a major element; those that are schizophrenic aren’t aware that their delusions are delusions as it’s a state of psychosis.

You don’t see or hear voices either which are two of the main symptoms. It’s purely anxiety and your reaction to it. Try not to rationalise the fear when it comes into your mind so much and over time answers will become apparent on their own.


Anonymous asked: do you believe that OCD and schizophrenia are very similar? My appointment with my GP is still a ways away... and I don't know if I'm just convincing myself it's not OCD or if the problems I've found with the diagnosis I had believed it to be are real. but I did a little searching and a few people think that the two can even be mistaken for each other? I was just wanting someone else's opinion on the matter you know?

I both agree and disagree. I’ll try and explain, but legitly, there’s a common Pure-O theme known as Schiz-O.

A key difference - at least as far as I know - is that in Pure-O and this theme there’s a degree of understanding because you’re fearing having schizophrenia. Actual schizophrenics can’t really distinguish their paranoia and hallucinations from standard life and rationality. I know OCD lacks rationality too, but whilst similar it’s completely different, y’know?

OCD is incredibly misunderstood and as such I’m sure sufferers of this theme have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia before. I’m also sure that the same can be said in reverse. The truth is, I myself don’t know as I’ve not suffered this theme.

However, check out stuckinadoorway. It’s amazing for Pure-O discussions, and a fair few sufferers may be able to give you the clarity you need to understand the differences between the two so that you have a better idea.

Best of luck regardless, and if I can help with anything don’t hesitate to ask.


Anonymous asked: I am been diagnosed with a severe case of OCD and was hospitalized for a month last summer. I have intrusive thoughts. I have also been doing reading on schizophrenia and OCD. I do not have voices or hallucinations. How can I tell if my intrusive thougths are not delusions? Im beginning to believe them sometimes.

The best way to tell is by not trying to tell. I realise this sounds silly, but in not responding to the thought, you won’t be getting yourself into a state of anxiety, and when you’re calm it’ll be easy to see the intrusive thoughts for what they really are. Remember themes are irrelevant with OCD and they can all be dealt with the same. Reading about schizophrenia seems to have triggered you, but exposure is good in order to beat future OCD themes.