theperksofbeingalipsticklesbian asked: To s3nsual-hearts: I had to see the school guidance counselor when I was in like seventh or eighth. I had a 504 plan, and she basically told me it wasn't fair to the other students that I had all this special treatment. All I could think was "BITCH IT'S NOT FAIR THAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH HELL CONSTANTLY." She didn't work there for very long. The next lady was very nice. Most schools are just complete dickwads about OCD. All of mine have been. So I never went and failed everything. Don't do that.

Sorry to hear about your struggles p3n-fb, but the contribution means a lot. If you need help with anything ask away, and try to stay strong and motivated since as you acknowledged, it’s not all bad!

- Nathan

Help for catscatscatscatscatscatscats87:

"Hey, your ask box wasn’t working properly, so I figured a submission would work too. Why is it that even though you know an intrusive thought or an obsession isn’t true or isn’t going to really happen (like, say, "If I don’t do this, then _________ bad thing will happen,"), you still feel the need to do the compulsion? Like, you know the thought isn’t your own and it’s ridiculous, but it still makes you anxious enough that you feel that you have to do the compulsion. Is it really just that you’ve been ingrained to feel that way or do that activity?”


It’s the anxiety response, normally because we’re so scared of our themes that if there’s a 0.00000001% chance of it happening then the response kicks in and it feels so realistic that we panic. It’s an anxiety disorder and when the anxiety shoots out of nowhere it grabs your attention.

That’s why I always stress that the response is the problem. If you calm that, the thoughts will feel as ludicrous as you know they are. I know it’s frustrating when you’re freaking out over ridiculous things, but I’ve a How To page on dealing with intrusives so give it a read and get back to me. Hopefully you’ll start to see what I mean!

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: My obsessions are about my health, particularly concerned with STD's, however irrational (I've been a monogamous relationship for 3 years and wasn't promiscuous before). I ruminate over these things. People have told me just to go to the doctor and get tested for everything. Do you think this would help? I kind of feel like it's letting the fear control my behavior. I know it would be a relief, but I feel like it's a cop out.

I had a fleeting stage of this theme and the way I handled it wasn’t perfect, but this is how I overcame it:

I went ONCE, and got tested for everything.

I got the results in a text. I didn’t have anything. I read it once, then DELETED it so I couldn’t get further reassurance.

I flipped out for a couple of days and wanted to get retested, but then trusted my judgement knowing I wouldn’t have deleted the text if it wasn’t for good news.

And I’ve not been back for a test since, but I’ve slept with someone since that mentioned time with complete belief in myself.

If you can, don’t go at all. But if you do, you should restrict yourself to one time. After that all you’d be doing is compulsion after compulsion and we all know by now that’s a cycle that doesn’t end.

Best of luck. I know it’s really scary.

- Nathan