Terribly Sorry Guys…

Liam here, I just want to let you all know I wont be able to help for a week or so as personal problems has resulted in me struggling to help others at the moment.. Any questions ask on my personal blog, love you guys <3

- Liam


Anonymous asked: Hey. Just, on your personal blog when you say you want to make a difference to people, just know that you really, truly are. Thank you for this, all of it.

That means the world to me. Thank you so much, and you’re more than welcome for the work I do on here.

5 minutes with my Pure-O

This is always something that is ever changing but eh, I might as well keep you guys up-to-date with my own experiences, as you might be able to take something from them.

You’d think, after getting revolting images in my head of abusive acts towards young defenceless children, and wrestling with my own mind over the concept of sexuality as well as bizzare thoughts related to even my own existence, that a theme set around relationships wouldn’t be one I’d struggle with the most, but it’s been a reoccurring theme for 4 years that continues to be a dominant force, especially with the addition of false memories. I’m going to try give you an insight into my head. I don’t know if it’ll portray the picture I want to, but I’m hoping so.

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OCD told personally:

I encourage you all to click this.

There’s loads of links to personal pages, not personal in the sense looking at them is invasive, but personal in that they’re told from the sufferers.

There’s a good range of pages too; I’m sure it’ll be useful all around.

- Nathan

A slight revamp from my latest journal entry:

Interesting. Recently OCD’s played up a lot due to recent events I’ve experienced, and this time instead of just having more notable compulsions its gone into feelings.

I seem to think everybody is untrustworthy, that everybody is demoralised and that everybody lies to me when they say something good. Because words are easy but if I don’t get proper support following those words I just think they’re liars. With that, goes my esteem and trust.

On top of which someone told me of when his mate had a foursome with his wife, his friend and his friend’s wife. That got me obsessing about everybody being like that and it being impossible to find somebody faithful that would be as morally grounded as I need for comfort.

What a world. What a disorder, in said world.

- DowntownRelativity

My journal entires often suprise me because I read back on them in different mindsets and wonder how I ever felt that way, but I know that’ll continue to happen and it felt 100% at the time (ironically, often 100% uncertainty). The trick to this again is acceptance so I have to accept the grim fact there is a possibility everybody is demoralised and I am a person not valued that will end up alone. In accepting that, I’ll learn to rationalise it all again.
Yes it’s as awful as it sounds to accept a thought that dark, but it helps get light back into me and I hope if you guys brave that approach you experience solid results like I have in the past.

As I said, any help I can provide, let me know.

- Nathan