Anonymous asked: I actually find ocd as a good thing. I don't touch any surface without gloves on and with tissues,but isn't it a good thing? I won't have any unknown diseases :) And by washing my hands so usually I kill all bacterias. Isn't that a good thing?

That’s an interesting way to look at things as there are benefits to OCD but in the case you’re describing and in my personal opinion, no. If your obsessions and compulsions become frequent they’ll eventually end up chaotic and consume the majority of your time, and prevent you from functioning consistently as a result. Some compulsions may be harmless but some can grow to affect people in terms of stress levels and priorities, leading to consequences like an isolated state, etc.

There’s a type of disorder called OCPD where the sufferer has OCD behaviours, but it’s not seen as a problem to them. Instead, it’s seen as the best way behave despite the behaviour being an issue. What you’re going through sounds kind of like that, so maybe it’s worth a read and getting back to me about? I’m not diagnosing you by any means as that’s something I can’t do anyway, but it’s a thought.


Anonymous asked: ocd + bdd = ocpd ?

I don’t think so, no. OCPD tends to cover absolutely anything that can be referred to as perfectionism in the eyes of the sufferer whereas BDD is focused around that of image. I have no doubt there could easily be some form of overlap between the two but I wouldn’t say OCPD is OCD + BDD.


Anonymous asked: don't straighten books when they're not perfectly aligned? is this accurate? I know you're not a doctor but could they be wrong? without a doubt, I know Pure-0 describes me. Should I go somewhere else? :)I am so sorry for how long it is? Thank you! :)

Whoever told you that about the books is completely and utterly ignorant. They shouldn’t be working there if they’re going to stereotype disorders rather than take the time to actually understand them. OCD is different depending on the individual, and what you’ve described about Pure-O matching you means if you’re mainly Pure-O then you’re not going to have visible compulsions anyway (unless your OCD switches). 

OCPD is categorised by a need to be perfect, but the suffer doesn’t see it as a problem; they see it as efficiency and how things should be. The way you’ve described being plagued to me does not sound like you’re content with your thoughts, which again to me doesn’t suggest OCPD (though my knowledge on OCPD is sketchy compared to OCD and Pure-O, so please correct me if I’m wrong). 

Sexuality doubts are normally known as HOCD and fearing harming others is known as Harm-O, both variations of Pure-O. Therefore, from what you’ve mentioned to me, and what you’ve thought yourself from reading other posts on Pure-O, you could very well have that instead. 

I cannot diagnose you as you know but I’m really glad you asked me about this. Your hunch about them being wrong is spot on. There’s no way in hell OCD is judged by faffing with books. Christ, some of the books I have in my room are slouched on the floor in a heap! 

My advice would be to go to your GP and get a referral. If your GP knows about your circumstances then just explain what’s happened, and hopefully you’ll get referred elsewhere. Knowledge on Pure-O is scarce so I’d try and see a specialist if you can.

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: This mild need to be clean involves when my hair is touched, I go over in my head and think how many times they touched it, how much dirt they would have on their hands etc! I always thought I had OCPD with traits of OCD however, I have just seen someone ask about Pure OCD and it matches me perfectly! If I think about harming someone, I start to doubt my sanity and I do the same things with sexuality. I went to a mental health centre and they said I don't have any OCD because I don't straighten

Part 2 of 3. Reply is in the next section! :)

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: Hi! :) I was just wondering if you can help me! I have been suffering from OCPD (althought I know it is different from OCD) and it has unfortunately led to depression because my need to be perfect is crippling and exhausting. Every second I am plagued by these intrusive thoughts and an incessant need for every single movement to be 100% perfect. I also have traits of OCD, although cleanliness is not a key issue, I do have this obsessive need to be clean *will continue in another question,no spac

Hi! I’ll reply to everything in the third section of your ask! :)

- Nathan

"Is that where you have to clean a bit?"

Basically what my sisters friends responses were when they asked what I was having to go through with OCD ‘cause on my Facebook I put a link to this and they thought it was “weird.” 

This is the exact kind of reason this blog has been set up.

First, cleaning OCD isn’t something to take light-heartedly because for the sufferer it’s extremely stressful and upsetting. It’s not as simple as just being fussy, it’s like a continuous flight or fight response that leaves you to feel in constant danger and trouble if you don’t adhere to consistent cleaning rituals, for fear of contamination, spreading of germs, causing illness, etc etc.

Secondly, I posted a couple of posts back about the many many variations of OCD. So many people aren’t aware OCD even comes in multiple forms.

This is the kind of goal we’re all working towards - to lift this misinterpretation.
Please, try get this message out there (any way you can). 

This is really uplifting.

Hi all,

I haven’t been around the last few days but I wanted to update you all. A week ago, I swear I was so confused and depressed that I was looking for a way to kill myself (mainly because of POCD/Transgender OCD) but I have improved gradually over the week and have had hardly any obsessive thoughts the past few days. 

I went away for a night with my dad and sister to a town about an hour and a half north of where I live and they have hot pools there, so we went to the pools for a few hours and just relaxed. I was a bit nervous beforehand because of my Trans-OCD and wearing a bathing suit etc and also because there were lots of kids around, but I told myself that there was no point getting worked up and that I could only control what was happening presently and live in the moment. So I did and it was great… was able to be around lots of people including kids without too many OCD thoughts. Had a few, but worked them down so that they weren’t bothersome and passed quickly. We stayed the night and came home yesterday and then I went to my friend’s house and we went out for a dinner/cabaret function with a group of people. I wore a dress (not usually one to wear dresses) but I actually looked and felt good in it and I didn’t let Trans-OCD rear its ugly head to the point of it bothering me (try as it did)… danced the night away with friends and had a really good time!

It is amazing how good life is when OCD isn’t completely dominating it. It has this quality, this beauty, about it that I took for granted before I experienced OCD. I am learning to cherish every good day, every good moment, as it comes… and though it may not last, I just wanted to encourage you all to keep going and not to give up. Like I said, it was only a week ago that I was looking for ways to end my life because I could not see a way of ever being happy again… but the last few days have shown me that it IS possible to be happy and to enjoy life again…. just had to get a little fight back and hit rock bottom before making my way up.

And hey, I may not be happy tomorrow, or even in 10 minutes, but the important thing is that I am happy right now, today, in this moment.

Keep fighting the good fight. Love and light. x


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The more awareness, the better. I’m hoping we’ve got a fairly concrete idea sorted by October as then we can try make the first OCD Awareness Week a successful one.

Thank you.

Nathan, Blog Creator + Pure O Sufferer