That’s fucking awesome guys! Thank you so much for the continued support in raising awareness, contributing and sharing experiences.

I hope you’re all doing well and the ask box is currently empty, so fire away if you need help with anything.

Stay strong and optimistic and remember you’re better than what your mind tells you. I know you can all do this. [/cheesystuff]


Anonymous asked: Why do you always write your name at the end of every post/answer to question/other text, when you are the only person posting in this blog and we all already know your name?

It started when Liam ran this blog alongside me so that it was clear who was posting at the time and ever since the drama happened, has still been a habit. That, and if new people follow the blog then they know my name. Might just add that to the main paragraphs on the page though, so I can stop doing it. ;P

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Stories told by the sufferers:


This page is fantastic. There are a few stories of those that have had OCD which really gives an insight into their world - I haven’t looked through it all but in just reading one I really gained a picture of what it was like to have both religious OCD and existential OCD - two themes I have yet to experience.

It might be helpful in realising you’re not alone in what you’re going through. If there’s anything I can add, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) Worksheet:

Breaking the Rules:


If it is initially difficult to completely resist performing rituals or compulsions, think about other ways in which you can “Break the Rules” of OCD.


  1. Delay the ritual for longer and longer periods until you can eventually “wait it out.” For you, this would mean: 
  2. Shorten the ritual until you no longer need to do it. For you, this would mean:
  3. Do the ritual differently. For you, this would mean:
  4. Do the ritual very slowly, paying attention to each detail. Do this until it gets too long and boring. For you, this would mean:


I didn’t come up with this myself nor do I take credit for the information above, however if you open a word document and complete these sentences, it may help you identify step by step ways to combating the compulsive behaviour that takes up your day. Remember - pure-O sufferers DO have rituals, but in the form of rumination (analysing the thought), distracted behaviour which is when you purposely try to take your mind off the thought instead of naturally allowing it to go, trying to get rid of the thought and reassurance seeking. There are many many more tailored to each individual - ANYTHING you do to fight off the thought is a ritual but these are just a few examples to help you identify your pure-O compulsions. For OCDers with clear compulsions, this will be of great use in breaking the ritual down bit by bit, instead of trying to completely cut the ritual out which in turn will cause even more anxiety. Set yourself targets with the worksheet above and try wait a little bit longer before performing your compulsion each time. There’s no quick fix to this, but it is beatable.

We’re progressing!

Gained a fair few followers overnight and it was wonderful to wake up to asks, even though it’s never pleasant to hear that others are suffering, but that’s what this blog is here to help with.

I think it’s a big thing to stress that we also need to show this blog to people that DON’T have OCD. Because it’s so misunderstood it often leaves OCDers feeling isolated, and I think instead we need to all work together, sufferer and non-sufferer alike, to help each other through this.

As I’ve said in the asks I’ve replied to I run this blog for you guys so if there’s anything specific to do with OCD you need help with, be it awareness about your type, natural coping methods, more on mindfulness/CBT, ERP, etc, just ask and I’ll get the pages for you.

Thank you so much for the support - it means the world.

Pure-O Awareness


This type of OCD is severely misunderstood and not well known about.
Anything you guys can do to raise awareness would be fantastic, and I think it would help a lot of sufferers feel less isolated. 

Mindfulness in treating OCD.


This covers mindfulness excellently. It’s a bit of a read but that’s important in understanding it so it can be use effectively. 

Natural treatments for OCD + anxiety:

This site may be helpful for those that don’t wish to go down medication routes:


It talks about diet, rest, and supplements that can all contribute to recovery.