OCD Awareness Week!

Here you go guys: 


That’s the site set up by OCD-UK for OCD awareness week, which started on the 10th (sorry for not putting anything up on it earlier).

It’ll be updated daily with personal stories and experiences. Meanwhile, if you guys go onto the main page of my blog, you can read over how my OCD started and if you’re not a sufferer, get a clear idea on what a monster OCD truly can be. Liam’s also posted his story too, which highlights very well how stress affects the disorder.

If you think I’ve written some good stuff on here so far please re-blog what you can and get the message around that this disorder is no joke or gimmicky trait. It’s in the top 10 disorders for damn good reason, without wanting to sound too morbid.

I hope everybody is coping alright.

- Nathan

This is really uplifting.

Hi all,

I haven’t been around the last few days but I wanted to update you all. A week ago, I swear I was so confused and depressed that I was looking for a way to kill myself (mainly because of POCD/Transgender OCD) but I have improved gradually over the week and have had hardly any obsessive thoughts the past few days. 

I went away for a night with my dad and sister to a town about an hour and a half north of where I live and they have hot pools there, so we went to the pools for a few hours and just relaxed. I was a bit nervous beforehand because of my Trans-OCD and wearing a bathing suit etc and also because there were lots of kids around, but I told myself that there was no point getting worked up and that I could only control what was happening presently and live in the moment. So I did and it was great… was able to be around lots of people including kids without too many OCD thoughts. Had a few, but worked them down so that they weren’t bothersome and passed quickly. We stayed the night and came home yesterday and then I went to my friend’s house and we went out for a dinner/cabaret function with a group of people. I wore a dress (not usually one to wear dresses) but I actually looked and felt good in it and I didn’t let Trans-OCD rear its ugly head to the point of it bothering me (try as it did)… danced the night away with friends and had a really good time!

It is amazing how good life is when OCD isn’t completely dominating it. It has this quality, this beauty, about it that I took for granted before I experienced OCD. I am learning to cherish every good day, every good moment, as it comes… and though it may not last, I just wanted to encourage you all to keep going and not to give up. Like I said, it was only a week ago that I was looking for ways to end my life because I could not see a way of ever being happy again… but the last few days have shown me that it IS possible to be happy and to enjoy life again…. just had to get a little fight back and hit rock bottom before making my way up.

And hey, I may not be happy tomorrow, or even in 10 minutes, but the important thing is that I am happy right now, today, in this moment.

Keep fighting the good fight. Love and light. x

Source: http://www.stuckinadoorway.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41761

Have your say!

Anything particular about OCD you want too see on here? What about Pure-O, or even OCPD? Want to know more on a certain theme of OCD or about ERP and CBT? 

Please, make use of the ask box. That way I know what to add to aid sufferer’s and non-sufferer’s alike on the topic.

The more awareness, the better. I’m hoping we’ve got a fairly concrete idea sorted by October as then we can try make the first OCD Awareness Week a successful one.

Thank you.

Nathan, Blog Creator + Pure O Sufferer

Just to note:

Whilst this is here with the aims of helping those with OCD, Pure-O etc, I myself as well as other sufferers despite having this disorder are not legally qualified to diagnose, and we can only give advice from our own perspectives, not a professionals.

We’re here to raise awareness and help those struggling with the disorder but we can’t take the place of a counsellor/psychotherapist or prescrible medication.

We can always provide links and helplines, and we can always give our opinions and relate to you, but we cannot take that professional place.

Thank you. 

To all followers thus far:

Thank you so much. We’re still at low numbers, heck, we haven’t even hit 20 yet, but I appreciate every single one of you that’s took the time to read and follow. A couple of people have re blogged the OCD Awareness Week Update - that alone puts us closer to our goal.

Three things that would really help:

1) If you have suggestions for what information you want on here, leave an ask. I’m more than happy to find said information and post it with tags so it can be spread around.

2) Please promote the blog if you have time. The more people that see it, the more that we can unite and help take on the dreaded doubting disorder.

3) If you have any ideas regarding what could be set-up for OCD Awareness Week, please again, leave an ask and say. Unoriginal saying I know - but every little helps!

OCD Awareness Week Update

OCD Awareness Week this October is actually the first ever one. :| 

That says a lot about how this disorder hasn’t been promoted well enough in the past for the public to get the correct concept, and instead of OCDers being ‘oddballs’ they’re extremely intelligent people.


Above is the link. Our first goal should be to get this events knowledge out there. Please please, advertise this link wherever you can, the cause is great as this way we can get knowledge on OCD and it’s lesser-known Pure-O, as well as OCPD out there. 

Please also promote this blog as we’ve just started up and need to build together a better support network. The ask box will take all suggestions about what information you guys want me to find and get out there, as well as ideas.

Thank you to anybody that takes the time to help this cause.

Help spread awareness!

Please help get this blog out there as when we can get it up and kicking properly we can achieve our goals more and more.


OCD awareness week is this upcoming October, and maybe we could organise a campaign or come up with creative ideas to make this the best OCD awareness week yet. Note it’s only October in the UK, we’ll get back to you about what date it is for other countries!

Word about Pure-O definitely needs to be spread, as some people are unaware it exists.