Anonymous asked: So like a month back I gained the courage to tell my sis about my OCD but I didn't go into as much depth into it as I would have liked to. Well she was supportive and all but I don't really think she grasps it, you know? Almost like she doesn't realize how debilitating the disorder can be. But I know I can't blame her because I can't just expect her to know these things, and I didn't explain it as thorough as I should have. Well anyway when I told her I felt really great for a long time, but


Anonymous asked: ( 2) today intrusive thoughts have kinda been bothering me and what not. I've dealt with it really well actually, but I just get so tired of the same shit sometimes (ocd and all) and I just wish I had someone in "real life" who also had this. I would never wish this upon anyone else, but what I mean is that I'd be great to have someone in person who understood exactly how it feels so yeah, I guess this really wasn't a question after all. Thank you for this blog, it means the world, really

It might not be a question as such but I certainly think you’ve written down a situation we’ve all experienced to some degree at some point.

The problem is that you’re right; it’s an incredibly hard disorder to grasp. It took me an incredibly long time to understand what I was going through and yet I had it all playing out in my head, so it’s even harder for those that don’t experience it first hand. It’s possible to understand though, but it takes a lot of talking, genuine interest and looking up. It’s severely underestimated by the media and society in general.

I’m glad this blog has been a big help and I’m really sorry about the lack of recent activity. If there’s anything more I can do, feel free to let me know. :)