Found a great bio about OCD!


There’s a quote I wanted to share from it:

"OCD sufferers, as a general rule, care more than most about what others think of them. We are known to be reward - dependent (where the reward is someone else’s approval) and have tender consciences. As a group, we are law abiding, conscientious, exquisetly self-conscience and eager to please. We set ourselves the highest standards and we are disgusted with ourselves when we don’t live up to them. We are forever scanning our own faces for flaws and other people’s faces for signs of disapproval. We cannot forgive ourselves for ever having acted stupidly; we cannot bear to make a mistake, We can be destroyed by the merest hint of criticism but we criticize ourselves all the time."

The Woman Who Thought Too Much - Joanne Limburg 

I definitely thought this described me well, haha! Although trying to work through it and get out of those habits :) The book is really good so far! 

This is a brilliant submission candy-24! That fits me to a T. I think I’m gonna have to give that book a read!

- Nathan