chelle-belles asked: Hello, I messaged earlier about how glad I was I found this blog, and it is probably a good time that I just admit what's on my chest, because I've been too scared to tell others for fear of them thinking I am crazy. I am 20 and do not have a driver's license due to my ocd. For years I feel that I've suffered from the harm ocd. I've been scared to drive because my thoughts give way to compulsions to want to swerve the wheel. I want to drive, but sometimes the compulsions are so strong I'm scared

The impulses you feel are real stem from your disorder because when we give intrusive thoughts attention, it feels like they have power. The reality is they have none, though. The issue comes from our reaction and by not taking the risk of facing the thoughts, you’re cementing the fear into your mind when it’s important to go against your instincts and tackle it.

The reality is you’re the opposite of what you’re worrying about, and aren’t going to hurt anybody. The problem is you’ll never believe that until you prove it to yourself. Do your parents know about their condition? It might be worth talking to them about it and practicing in their car with them before moving up to starting  lessons with a stranger. The more you drive the more you’ll realize these are mental intrusions and nothing further.

- Nathan