Anonymous asked: Hey! Thank you very much for your answer. I'm the anon corresponding to post 31856037629. So, to answer to your question, I have OCD since I've been 14, but I discovered that what I had was called OCD at almost 17. I was suffering for months because of intrusive thoughts due to a fear of becoming or being homosexual/besexual, and it haunted me for months. I was crying every day and ruminating all the time because I didn't want to be a lesbian, and one day I did a research on google; and I found

I’ve replied in part 5! :)


Anonymous asked: I just have many difficulties to talk about my problems. I hate talking about them. I always think I can solve them alone, so it's gonna be hard to talk to a psychiatrist, but I have to do it right? Anyway, sorry I'm spamming your askbox haha. And I'm sorry if I make some spelling mistakes, my native language is not english actually. Thank you again for you answer, it was really helpful.

First of all, beautifully written ask. You explain your thought processes really well and the only reason I’ve not posted it all is because it’s in lots of parts and it’ll take up too much room on the blog.

As for getting help, it’s a personal decision, but if you constantly find yourself going back and forth you’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve been having a top up of CBT recently just so I can get it concrete in my mind and it’s helping quite a bit.

In terms of hope, you’re probably feeling that alongside relief. It’s a beautiful feeling to be rumination free but try to remain detached in that situation, otherwise you’re emotionally feeding OCD/Pure-O in a different way and it might come back to kill your mood.

Stay strong and keep me updated. If you can’t make a decision get back to me and I’ll try and give you pro’s + con’s of each side.


Anonymous asked: (still me) To sum up, I have Pure O, I had checking OCD, Superstitious OCD, HOCD, Schiz-O and I currently have Harm-O OCD, Religious OCD sometimes, and Confession Compulsions. I also have such an obsession about my choice of studies that I think it can be considered as a OCD or Pure O, at least (ruminations, panic attacks, compulsion, etc).

You CAN still do this, first of all. You’re in a bad spot right now but lows like you’re experiencing make the highs, so, SO sweet. I’m a prime example of that. Anybody that’s followed this blog from its early days knows what a roller-coaster it’s been for me but it’s also helped me to obtain a mindset full of gratitude and love. If I didn’t have that mindset without this disorder, then I’d actually rather still have the disorder and just work on making it work in my favour rather than against me, and hopefully that’s where I’m getting.

As for the montage of themes you’ve gone through, it’s important not to think “I’ve got so many themes, I’m beyond saving” etc, but the reality is ALL themes can be handled the same. Whether you have 1 theme or 100, they all still try to consume and the response will decide if it manages to do so or not (though granted the more themes the more triggers, but again they’re all handled the same).

The disorder is the problem and not the theme. How much do you know about coping mechanisms? What have you done to implement them and where have you had successes and where have your main hurdles been? Get back to me on those questions and I’ll do what I can to take some weight off your shoulders. 

You WILL heal. It’s not an easy journey nor will you find success overnight but with perseverance and a realist-optimist mindset you’ll get there. There’s some pages that go through coping mechanisms on this blog if you haven’t tried any yet. 

Keep strong and keep me updated. All 700 of us here know what you’re experiencing, but a promising number of the group have also shown recovery is possible, and that’s what we have to focus on.


Anonymous asked: I can't do this anymore. I'm done with suffering, and I just want to heal. Nobody understands what ruminations are and how much I suffer from them. They don't understand that I can't stop worrying, that I can't stop overthinking, and that I can't ever be relaxed. That's why I've never told anyone, except on forums, until a few months ago. It was really hard to talk about it with my doctor, because I thought I was ridiculous and I just wanted to cry because I realized what my life had become.

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Anonymous asked: First, i just want to say thank you, because things have gotten so much better and you've been so much help. I thought i was better because it hadn't been interfering in my life, so i decided i didn't need to get any professional help. But then today i saw a top, which i can't bring myself to ever wear again because its 'Contaminated'. It doesn't bother me much because i don't really like it, But do you think that means that i haven't recovered yet? would you advise me to get professional help?

You’re more than welcome. I’m glad you’ve been feeling better. :)

You’re definitely getting there, so it’s nothing to worry about! It just means there’s some areas left to tackle but you sound like you’re more than able enough to accomplish it! :)

If you could try to wear said top, it’d be a massive step forward in terms of ERP. If you start relapsing and getting into a really bad place, then there’s no harm in seeking professional help. It’s worth it if it helps you be free of this, right?


Anonymous asked: Yes that is exactly what I mean.

Which question is this in response to anon? Glad I’ve hit the nail on the head regardless! <3

Want to help out?

I’ve had two asks I’m shoddy on knowledge wise, so I figure this is a perfect time to start taking submissions. We’re all heading for the same goal of recovery here, and I figure this is a great way for all of us to be equally involved.

The two topics I’d appreciate contributions on (though anything positive and/or informative is welcome):

  • Dermatillomania tips
  • Knowledge and advice on dealing with codependency

The asks about these topics are very recent so take a quick scroll down the blog so  you can get a better picture and hopefully reply more specifically to the struggling individuals.

Keep optimistic, keep fighting and a big thank you for all the support thus far!

- Nathan


Anonymous asked: Hi, I think I have ocd but idk, how bad does your ocd have to be to have to go ask a psychiatrist for help?

It’s a subjective matter. I’d say if it’s causing you distress in your everyday life to the point it affects your quality of life and how you’re functioning, that there’s no reason not to go and see if you have the disorder. Suffering alone is the worst.


alwaysrepetitive asked: Do you need any help with the running of the blog? :-)

I appreciate the offer a lot, but if the blog gets to the stage where I can’t handle it then I’ll definitely make a post or something.

That being said, it’s difficult because not just anybody can run it and I’d have to do some sort of ‘test’ to make sure the person had extensive knowledge, but I don’t have to resort to that yet.

Thank you for offering to help me though. Means a lot to me that you understand how demanding running something like this can be.

- Nathan

I’ll have a lot of free time after about 10pm tonight (England GMT);

I’m going to my uncle’s for about 5 hours for tea and a catch up and then I’ll be back to a free house for the rest of the night, giving me quiet to get back to asks. I got through the 9 that were queued but it’s now empty, so if anybody has any concerns and needs an answer later today, this’d be a good time to leave me ‘em.

I tend to reply and post asks all at once, so if you think your ask has been missed out it’ll just be further down the blog page.

Stay optimistic and keep smiling! Remember that spiking is a good thing and to be mindful at all times to prevent OCD sucking you in! <3

- Nathan