Anonymous asked: (1) Hey, do you know anything about Body Integrity Identity Disorder? A lot of the time it's people who feel like they should be an amputee or feel like they mentally are paralyzed or should have been born that way, but actually aren't. There's not that much info, but what is out there is interesting. Anyway, I'm trying to sort out if this is something I may have mildly, or if it's an intrusive. I sometimes do feel a longing to have a disability but I don't feel like I should have been born that


Anonymous asked: (2) And also, it doesn't happen all the time, and it appears that people with this disorder feel that way every second of their lives. So those things lead me to believe that it's something else, but then it doesn't seem quite like a normal intrusive thought either? I guess I don't know if I really desire to be, for example, paralyzed and in a wheelchair, or if I just THINK I do. Gah it's frustrating.

I don’t normally support research into disorders when it’s regarding themes but you sound like you’ve researched in order to correctly identify what’s going on and that’s absolutely great. Just make sure that doesn’t become reassurance. ;D

In regards to intrusive thoughts, they feel different to different people and different to the same people at different times. Don’t analyse that aspect. Practise the standard OCD coping mechanisms as they’re productive for everybody (especially mindfulness) and see if you feel any better. If it persists, it may be worth going for a referral to see if a professional can correctly identify what you’re going through, as I was unaware BIID existed until this ask so don’t know about the similarities/differences.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. If I can help further let me know. If I get the time I’ll look into it and see if I can form an informed opinion. Stay strong!