Anonymous asked: I just wanted to let you know that it is really important that there are sources and forums like yours to discuss OCD and it's variations. It's completely hurtful when all I hear about OCD is the germ/counting/organization obsessions, because that's all the media portrays. It was shockingly painful when I told my family that I was diagnosed with OCD. My sister laughed in my face saying "have you seen your room!?". A few months later, my mom referred to it as "my pretend OCD". Awareness please!

That’s absolutely disgusting how your family have reacted but at the same time awareness is an issue for this very reason. Have you got some resources together to show them?

Don’t worry. This blog is gonna focus on awareness even when it isn’t a problem anymore! ;D

Living With Me And My OCD (updated link):

Please follow the link below and vote for Living With Me And My OCD! Claire is working on an amazing documentary exposing OCD for what it really is (including Pure-O themes) and with your votes and support she’ll be able to show the trailer during OCD Awareness Week 2012 (in America, Boston)! She totally deserves the support and multiple sufferers with different themes are featured, me included when it comes to the final version. Please also reblog this post to further raise awareness on what OCD is truly like.  - The link to vote for Living With Me And My OCD (scroll down)! - The Living With Me And My OCD Facebook page! - The Living With Me And My OCD YouTube channel, including the trailer!




This is the trailer for the documentary on OCD from the second ask below. Get reblogging the message round about ‘Living With Me And My OCD’ :)

‘It feeds off happiness.’ I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks that.

Please keep reblogging this guys. The goal is great and selfless. I’ve spoken to Claire who deserves so much respect for organising this, and I’ve been interviewed so will be eventually featured. Help fight the misconceptions. We need to be the change. :)

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Anonymous asked: One thing that really annoys me is the stereo type of people with OCD, Like how they always have to be clean and have everything germ free and stuff. Yes, germs bother me and I clean sometimes but I can never really use any more cleaners then like Windex because the chemicals in the cleaners bother me more then the germs do, I'm afraid of inhaling them and being harmed from them. (cont.)

I’ve replied in part 2. :)


Anonymous asked: (part 2) I don't even like people using them around me. Like if I walk into a room I can always tell if they've been used. I know it sounds really weird because like I said, the OCD stereo type of people always cleaning and stuff. I've been made fun of for being 'afraid of cleaners' but I've always been like this. and Idk I'm sorry if that didn't make sense but I had to get it off my chest.

It makes perfect sense. It’s intriguing how diverse OCD can be but then again it’s not exactly a good thing when in the midst of a theme.

How are you doing in terms of ERP for this? It’d be great if you could try to use another cleaner. Doing that and realising you’re well afterwards would be a great way of calming the anxiety response by tackling your fear directly. 

The stereotype is a major issue but the more awareness we raise the more we can combat it!


Anonymous asked: How can you deal with someone in your family who doesn't understand and makes jokes about how much you wash?

I know it’s hard and awareness is a major issue, but there are great resources online that explain how serious OCD really is. Look articles up until you find something that hits home then print it off. There’s also stuckinadoorway and other great forums where you may find a member describing an identical experience to yours. If you’re having therapy, then a counsellor may be able to help explain to the family member in question too.

Try to take the jokes with a pinch of salt. They’re not being mean. They simply don’t understand. If they really want to though they’ll take the time to, trust me. Tolerate where they’re not understanding though as otherwise you’ll get hurt, and it’s very hard to have the level of empathy required for something like this. It takes time and dedication.


Anonymous asked: A lot of people ask me why I like to talk about my OCD, they think that someone who really has OCD wouldn't want to talk about it (which many people don't like talking about it). But I like to talk about it simply because since almost no one has any clue on what it actually is, I want people to know the hell that me and so many other people have to go through. I want them to understand that just cause you're an extremely clean or organized person doesn't mean you have OCD.

Presuming this is your part 2. I’ve got back to you in part 3.


Anonymous asked: (Part 1) So I have OCD and have been following you for a while. This summer has actually been great and I've only had some minor problems with intrusives and all that. I'm also a really big gamer and I read this article today that made me extremely made. The comments made me really mad to, since everyone way saying that they have OCD cause they have to 100% a game. So many people are misinformed about what OCD really is and this shows it,

I’ve replied in part 3. :)


Anonymous asked: (Part 3) Sorry, I'm the one who is writing about the article I read and how so many people are misinformed. I think I forgot to write the "Part 2" on the last one I wrote so if there's any confusion there we go haha. But anyways, if you want to read the article then go on the IGN website and go on the OCD article. The article is called "Gaming with obsessive compulsive disorder". You can google it if you cant find it. Thanks for your time man.

I agree with your viewpoint to a T. I love to talk about it because I want to raise awareness and I crave deep conversations too for some reason. I come across quite serious and dark sometimes and I want the true culprit to be mentioned but at the same time it’s an advanced defence mechanism that thinks it’s protecting us so I try not to get too frustrated even though yesterday I was a wreck haha.

As for the article I’ll check it out and probably end up raging. I used to be a major gamer and I still am to an extent (what ones do you play?) with the only reason I’m not one as much these days being a lack of money. For me it was a temporary release from everything going on in my head, and I always felt so much better after they’d helped me to not ruminate extensively.

Great ask. Keep me updated with how you’re doing and if I can help with anything feel free to let me know.